Spotify Playlists At A High Level

In the above video, we get to hear Russ’s perspective on Spotify Playlisting. Russ is already an extremely successful artist so his opinion on the new wave of Spotify playlists is very valuable. He mentions how Spotify Playlists are the “new radio” and how they now act as the gatekeepers for the charts and for the current hits. If you eventually get your song on one of the massive playlists like “Today’s Top Hits” or “Rap Caviar” you are essentially guaranteed to have a music career for the rest of your life, as well as a song with millions of streams to build off.

Spotify Playlists For Smaller Artists

The playlists in the above photo are extremely exclusive and you have a very slim chance of being added to one of them, unless you are already a major artist. Now, there are actual ways to submit to these lists, which we will cover shortly. Never disregard Spotify playlists as a marketing tool. In 2020 you should be utilizing Spotify playlists as a way to get your music more exposure. As we covered in: “Fish In The Correct Lake”, you want to be putting your music on the platforms with the most active users. Everybody loves to listen to Spotify playlists and if you can get your song on a few active lists, it can be a game changer.

In the next article, we will discuss an exclusive Spotify Playlist strategy that you can start doing RIGHT NOW to get streams and followers.

All the benefits of Spotify playlist placement

There a long list of benefits to getting your songs on multiple Spotify playlists, but here are the main ones:

  1. Get your song some extra streams from the listeners on the playlist
  2. Potentially get a new follower/fan if they play your track and like it
  3. The Spotify algorithm favors artists whose music is on many playlists and ranked high up on the lists
  4. Helps your artist credibility, you can show your fans that you have been added to a big playlist

How you can get on playlists as a smaller artist

Believe it or not, you can actually officially submit your track before it’s released to get it placed on major playlists ran BY Spotify. Here is a screenshot of instructions on how to do this for yourself.

You can find the full version of this FAQ with the link below:

Another way to get on Spotify playlists is to purchase direct placement, or purchase a playlist pitching service online.

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Discover Weekly

Quoted from: Vox –

Spotify has built a taste profile for each user based on what they listen to. It assigns an affinity score to artists, which is the algorithm’s best guess of how central they are to your taste. It also looks at which genres you play the most to decide where you would be willing to explore new music.

The algorithms behind Discover Weekly finds users who have built playlists featuring the songs and artists you love. It then goes through songs that a number of your kindred spirits have added to playlists but you haven’t heard, knowing there is a good chance you might like them, too. Finally, it uses your taste profile to filter those findings by your areas of affinity and exploration.

It is important to make sure the Spotify algorithm is favoring you as an artist, and also make sure you have a healthy algorithm score. This means that you should not be using bots or any fake streams on your songs.

Every week Spotify premium users get the “Discover Weekly” playlist updated, and YOUR song can be pushed into this playlist automatically, giving you an amazing chance to get more streams as well as possible new fans