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Top 5 Ways To Get Organic Streams On Spotify

Top 5 Ways To Get Organic Streams On Spotify

Top 5 Ways To Get Organic Streams On Spotify

As the music industry steers more and more towards digital streaming services - it's important for any artist to have a respectable number of streams on Spotify. Even Billboard continues to track Spotify streams as a major factor in charting.

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Gaining streams on Spotify organically isn't as hard as it might seem. With a few steps in the right direction - you can be well on your way to your first million streams! In this article, we break down the Top 5 Ways to Get Organic Streams On Spotify:


1. Get On Big Spotify Playlists

One of the most effective ways to get noticed and increase your streams is to hop on big Spotify playlists. These playlists have reach to millions of people at a time, and can be great exposure for your music. The best way to do this is to find out the creator of the playlist, contact them via email, and pitch them your music. Just craft a great pitch email and send it over to a bunch of playlist curators at the same time! Of course, make sure to customize the email for each person. You can also purchase affordable playlist placement on Rap College Playlists.

 Hip Hop On The Rise Spotify Playlist

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2. Verify Your Profile

Just like Twitter and Instagram, verifying your profile gives you the ability to be highlighted with Spotify’s check of approval. A verified profile enables you to communicate with your listeners from within Spotify, in-client messages and Discover feeds. Moreover, you'll be able to notify your listeners directly each time you put out new tracks. In addition to your music, a verified profile also hosts your merchandise, biography, photos and tour dates.

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3. Make Use Of Ads On Instagram And Facebook

You can't just isolate your music on Spotify and expect that it will get discovered on its own! Social Media Marketing is highly effective in getting streams for your music. People who are interested in your genre of music can be reached out directly via platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You're able to target your audience even more through their location and age. This is considered a direct, organic and effective way to receive Spotify promotion.

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4. Make Your Own Playlists

A searchable, well-constructed playlist is an easy pathway from the Spotify search box to your profile. If you're looking to gain organic Spotify streams - one way to do this is curating your own playlist, preferably with big artists. Include a track or two from your own catalog in the playlist. Featuring your songs alongside similar-sounding tracks isn’t a dishonest thing to do! Make sure to include tracks from a similar genre to yours, so you can reach out specifically to people who are inclined to like your music.

 The Process Hip Hop spotify playlist

5. "On Air, On Spotify"

If you've put out your music on other platforms - be it the radio or online platforms like SoundCloud or YouTube, make sure it's available to stream on Spotify too. This way, you're allowing your listeners to find you on Spotify the moment they hear your music elsewhere. It also allows for higher profile follows, and increases exposure for your music.

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